Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy!!

So, a post popped into my Google Reader today entitled "Ten Things That Make Me Happy" and after reading the author's ten things I really wanted to think about my own list!!  Initially, I thought it would be difficult to come up with ten things off the top of my head, but now, after thinking about it, I have tons of things!! So here are some of the things that make me happy....what about you?

Listed in no particular order outside of the first,

1. Feeling a personal high-five from the Lord Jesus!

2.  When Troy sits on the couch with me to snuggle even though I'm watching something ubber girly on television (and he doesn't ask me to change the channel!)

3. When my brother calls me out of the blue just to talk.

4. The thought of one day having a daughter!!!!!

5. When a friend calls or writes out of the blue just to let me know I was on their mind.

6.  Doing something for a loved one and seeing the joy it brings them!!  Their reaction = priceless!

7.  A fantastic sale, extra % off at the register, and I have a coupon, AND I have a gift card!!

8.  Feeling loved, needed, and/or appreciated!

9.  Seeing my friends/family (& myself!!) grow & mature in Christ!! (this is a top one!)

10. Unity!!!--in any of the many facets of my life.

11.  Encouraging someone!

12. Being encouraged!

Okay, so I cheated and did 12!  I could've added at least eight more for 20, but I decided I'd better stop!  Now it's your turn....what are 10 things that make YOU happy?


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  1. I like this-I think I'll do 12 also, so many things make me happy :-)
    1. Having a strong desire to know my bible better
    2. Walking Miles, so this doesn't directly make me happy, but it makes him SO happy, and that makes me happy
    3. spending time with my family, I complain about them, but I love them and I love spending time with them (even when they bother me, but don't tell them, they'll think they can bother me all the time;-)
    4. when my nephew babbles something understood by only him and God and then starts laughing...he cracks himself up, it's adorable
    5. Knowhing that my Daddy's proud of me
    6. Indulging in good tasting bad for me food that I usually try to avoid-avoiding certain things really increases the appreciation for them
    7. Cute clothes-buying, wearing, seeing on others....just cute clothes in general
    8. my contentment with my life.
    9. laying on the couch watching the cosby show or golden girls with just miles and me and no distractions
    10. giving people gifts that they truly enjoy.
    11. teaching
    12. getting good results from an experiment at the end of a long day (12+ hour days are hard if you feel like there's nothing to show for it at the end)


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