Thursday, April 26, 2012

As If I Needed Another Project...

After living here for a little over two years, I finally thought I'd show the outside of the house some TLC, starting with the flower boxes which were gross!  I thought they'd be a nice touch for this weekend's birthday party festivities!!  That's right, Troy's 30th Birthday Celebration is this weekend!!

After I finished the second box it began to rain, so hope to finish tomorrow as well as spray the windows and clean it up a little.  Updated pictures to come! 

Green Thumb Grant,

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll!!!

I'm in Miami this week/weekend at a conference for work and yesterday I had a first time encounter with the game of golf at a golf clinic! Check out my fancy golf gear from one of the conference sponsors, Mercedes Benz!

What's the verdict on golf? I'll stick to putt putt! While I loved the feeling when I actually hit the ball far and high, that only happened about 10% of the time so...

More from me later. Sending this post from my iPhone in the hotel. I wish blogger would make an app for the iPad.


Sunday, April 15, 2012


This weekend we finally completed all of our London shopping!!  I plan to do at least three  detailed blog entries about all of our preparations, recommendations, etc... and of course plenty of pictures once we return, so stay tuned for that!

A few other projects are underway that I/we worked on this weekend. 

Troy's 30th Birthday Party! 

I went shopping this weekend to find napkins to spark some creativity on the color scheme for Troy's upcoming 30th birthday party! I tend to start with fun napkins when coming up with a color scheme for a party.  Random, I know. But so far it's worked every time! 

Of course I'll have a full and detailed entry after his party at the end of the month.

Storm Door.  We went shopping to price storm doors. I really want one for our front door and hopefully we'll have decided on one and purchased/installed it prior to Troy's birthday party!

I'm at it again...

I'm working on a frame project (which I also hope to have completed before Troy's birthday party).  I've purchased all of the frames (thanks to an excellent BOGO 1/2 off home sale at Target a few weeks ago), and now that I have my mock up to live with for a few days, we'll be ready to start hanging the frames in no time!!  Then I'll have to FINALLY print out some wedding pictures of family and friends to go in the frames.  Only took me four years... aw well!  I'm really excited to show you all how it turns out!  The wall gallery in our room is done, as far as the frames being up, but I am waiting until we get back from Europe to finish that wall so that I can add a good bit of our London and Paris pictures to the wall gallery in our room.  I'm sure we'll add at least one to the living room gallery also. Updates on both galleries to come!

Welp folks, those are just a few ways that I/we spent my/our weekend.  Shopping, cutting up newspapers to do a mock up on the wall and now a little bit of work.  I'm posting this blog as a work break, but now it's time to get back to billing some hours!! 

More to come!, 

Monday, April 2, 2012

To Quote Ice Cube...

"Today was a good day!"  (Not everyone is going to get that! ha!)  But anywho, as I've mentioned, 2012 is going to be the best year yet! So much to look forward to! Welp, one of those things is the birth of little Baby Airline.  Our friends Eric and Sonja are expecting their first son, due one month from today!  I'm going to be an auntie...AGAIN! 

So, why was today a good day? Well, Sonja invited me to come with her to her ultrasound!!! Not only did I see little Blueberry's face in 3D, I also heard his heart beat!  Sure, may not be a big deal to you, but it was a HUGE deal to me!! I. heard. his. heart. beat!  Amazing.  Tears were shed from my eye balls. 

p.s. I call the baby Blueberry (1) because he was the size of a blueberry when I found out that he existed and (2) Eric and Sonja are keeping his name a secret until he makes his grand appearance so I can't call him his real name yet (i.e. I don't know it!).  

So anywho, today was a good day!  Blueberry is perfectly perfect! Six pounds and one ounce and growing just right.  I'm so excited for him to get here so that I can love all on him!! I'm going to be an auntie!

I heard his heartbeat ya'll,