Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lesson(s) Learned: Bye Bye 2009!

Where did the time go my friends?  I don't know, but as I sit on this comfy couch to type my very last blog entry for 2009, I thought I'd share with you the two most important lessons that I have learned this year.  My prayer is that they will help to develop me into a more Christ-like woman. 

What My Experiences From 2009 Have Taught Me (the abridged version! LOL!):

Most Important Lesson #1: PRAYER!
I've discussed this in a previous blog.  This year has taught me more than ever about the necessity of prayer.  It is our communication to the Lord Jesus Christ and it has built/strengthened my relationship with Him in a way that has done WONDERS for me this year!!  I look forward to 2010 to continue to better my prayer life and thereby form an even closer walk with Jesus!!  Within the latter portion of 2009, I can say that I have whispered and cried out prayers and watched Him answer them in ways that I couldn't even imagine.  Prayer has strengthened my confidence in Him and I truly cannot relay any words to tell you all how important it is to continue to better this aspect of life!! The rewards are priceless!!

Most Important Lesson #2:
Treat Others Like You Want to Be Treated EVEN IF It Is Not Reciprocated!
The tendency to return hurt for hurt, evil for evil, gossip for gossip is carnal.  It is not Holy.  But man oh man, is it a natural reflex most of the time.  (Luke 6:32-34)  Whether it's a close friend, family member, co-worker, associate, enemy, or those people in our lives we can't seem to categorize, it is clear that LOVE is a commandment, not an option!  It is also clear that Jesus presented us with a perfect example (Himself) of love so that we would treat others with love ESPECIALLY WHEN it is not being reciprocated.   Clearly, this is not something that I am just now hearing about in 2009.  But 2009 has taught me that there is no true peace of mind until I truly grasped and put into practice that regardless of the hurt one may feel, love MUST be what we respond with or give in return.   Nope, not saying that I have mastered this concept in 2009, but I can say that I am learning and able to see the growth in this area of my life.   It has not always been easy to accept that not everyone will value things as I do--holiness, friendship, time, family, etc...-- but despite that, I must not allow things/circumstances/situations/people to shade my view of what I value most!

Alrighty my friends, it is time for me to head to service.  If you're reading this in 2009, leave anything that is not positive and Jesus-glorifying in 2009.  If you're reading this in 2010, Happy New Year!  And I truly do hope that this year is your very best yet!!


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