Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankfully, Better Late Than Never...

While the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone, my blog entry about my fantastic Thanksgiving is just now making an appearance.  This year Troy & I traveled to his hometown of Mt. Pleasant, SC to visit the family!  Here are a few highlights:
  • Bootleg Parade.  Upon arriving to Mt. P, Troy and I were sad to find out that Snowden's (the area where Troy's parents live) annual "parade" was not going to happen this year.  Now, let me clarify what this "parade" consists of: random people in the neighorhood riding in trucks, fire trucks, small bikes, & motorcycles with signs on their cars & children throwing candy.  It is pretty much as bootleg as you can get.  But I sure was looking forward to taking pictures and sharing them with my blog readers!!  I will never forget my first experience with the Snowden Community "parade" Thanksgiving 2004 on my first visit to Mt. P to meet Troy's extended family! 
  • Midnight Outlet Shopping!!  This year was my first experience going out to the outlets at midnight!!  Accompanied by Allison and her sister Kristen, we arrived at Tanger Outlet in North Charleston right at midnight only to find traffic, a PACKED outlet, and not-so-nice people fighting over parking spots.  It was so crowded that I had to park across the street from the stores at IHOP.  The shopping was pretty fantastic I must say!  50% off EVERYTHING in Banana Republic & Ann Taylor Factory Outlet (probably my two favorite stores out there!) and other great deals everywhere else!!  

The lines were pouring out of Coach & Rue 21
(still trying to figure out whether Rue 21 was giving away clothes!)
It was crazy!! 

  • Black Friday Mall Shopping!  So, after leaving the outlet's at 3:30 a.m. (by the way, when we left the outlets Chick-fil-A and IHOP were crowded!! It was such a surreal experience!  I mean there were so many people out at 3:30 a.m. it was unbelievable!) I headed back home and thought I'd sleep in until about 11:00 or so.  BUT NO!  I woke up at 9:00 with coupons and an itch to hit the mall.  So while Troy rested I started part 2 of black Friday shopping and OH what great deals I found on items for myself, Troy, and our nieces! 
  •  A Few of My Favorite Finds/Bargains.
$12.00 at Ann Taylor
So many great deals!

 Winter Purse from Banana Republic
50% off!! 

Blue boots!!! Man, this was such a fun purchase!
Thanks to a BOGO deal & coupon they cost like $10.00!

FREE Dress from Ann Taylor Outlet :-)
Super fun belt $6.00!

Winter Calvin Klein Dress
Warm & Comfy!
  • Sister from Another Mother (not literally, but spiritually speaking! Had to come back to update this b/c people thought Allison was my half sister)Troy and I visited our other Charleston family on Friday afternoon--Allison's family.  Troy and Allison's dad had MORE than a ball together once Troy found out that Mr. C owns a Hammond and once Mr. C learned that Troy knows how to play the organ.  It was SO hilarious to see Mr. C break out the keyboard and his saxophone and the two of them played until it was time for dinner.  Literally!  They paid us women no attention until it was time to eat!  It was major fun though!  

Troy playing the organ, Mr. C on the keyboard & Allison and Mrs. C
singing "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" along with the two men!

Allison joining the men by pecking away on her piano from childhood

Thankful for seeing another Thanksgiving,

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