Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Contact Sports...

Nope, not talking about football or wrestling, I'm talking about trying to place pretty contact paper in my kitchen cabinets & drawers!!  It felt like a sport.  My knees hurt (bending to cut contact paper and insert it on bottom cabinets), my fingers ached, and I screamed at least three times! lol  Why didn't anyone warn me that putting down contact paper was so tricky?!  Trying to avoid the air bubbles & wrinkles proved to be quite the challenge and it's just so sticky!!! BUT thanks to some of my handy dandy sewing tools, I finally figured out a way to beat the contact paper system.  So the final score was Shunta 1, Contact Paper 0!

I ran across this purdy contact paper at Target and thought it'd be perfect in our kitchen.  I like the concept of contact paper because not only does it beautify the inside of the wood cabinets and drawers, it also protects the wood as well as the items that I place in the cabinets.

See how purdy...

 It will definitely compliment the greens I plan to place around the kitchen. 

After finishing two cabinets, I took a week off from contact paper. I was that over it!!  I even solicited help, but no one came to my rescue!! (well, Sonja said she would but we ended up spending about three hours in Bed Bath & Beyond and Marshalls Homegoods instead that day) 

Then, one day, it dawned on me--why not use my fabric rolly cutter (not it's official name) and my self-healing mat to cut the contact paper into the exact measurement needed.  That really helped me a lot!!  ::insert angelic "AHHHHHHHH" sound!::  It was just like my 1L year of law school when I finally figured out what consideration was!!  (this will mean nothing to my non-law school readers...but trust me, it's a great feeling!! LOL!!) 

So those are a few pictures of some of the cabinets/drawers...see how nice the contact paper is! Definitely takes the cabinets from a B to an A+!

I did something very similar in the hallway closet as well.  Except, I learned my lesson and used the non sticky decorative stuff.  See the drastic before & after!  This cute paper can be found at BBB!

Anywho, this was one of my first projects in the house!  Stay tuned for more!  What are some of your favorite ways to add a little more personality/character to your storage areas around the house?  Do share!!


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