Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Curtains...My First Attempt

Well, I'm back at the Do-It-Yourself ("DIY") fun!  This time the project didn't include Ruth, my sewing machine, just fabric, heat n' bond, and an iron.  What am I up to this time you ask--Curtains!! 

returning home from the fabric store with the winning fabric!

First step was to cut the fabric.  To do this I laid it out on the dining room floor and snip snip snip.

After cutting the fabric I hemmed the edges with hemming tape and the iron.

"Troy, can you hang up the curtain rod please!"  Done and done!

Only thing left is to hang them...

And the curtains knobs "mirror" another fun object in the guestroom (pun intended)...

Slowly but surely, the house is coming along!...

One other DIY project down, three thousand two hundred sixty-two more to go,


  1. The curtains look great! My room is coming along very nice!!!

  2. LOL!! So many people have dibs on that room, it's hilarious! But come on down to visit the 23!


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