Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simple & Free DIY!

Today I messed around and came up with a cute little decorative piece for the living room and a future idea for the guest bathroom.  Well, it all started when my absolute favorite reed diffuser from Target ran out (Nature's Wick brand, Vanilla Dolce scent---go get it!! It will have your bathroom or whatever room smelling SO good! FOR REAL!).  I went to Target yesterday and replaced it, but then I didn't want to throw away the cute little bottle that the old vanilla scented liquid was in.  So I threw out the bambo sticks from the old diffuser and put the bottle in a little tray that sits on the living room table. 

For those of you asking, what is a reed diffuser.  Here's a generic picture of one:

Anywho, back to my story.  Today as I looked at the empty bottle I thought some cute florals would be perfect for the bottle. So I went outside and snip snip snip, cut some random yellow/green jobbies that are growing in our front yard.  And BOOM! instant DIY project that was free of charge and super cute.

isn't it just darling!?!  Once my current diffuser is done I'm going to put two with flowers on my bathroom organizer cabinet thingee. (picture to come later when I do that).  But I also considered putting the diffuser on the bathroom sink:
But right now the living room is the winning location!  I'm pretty excited about it!  Well, that's about it.  I'm actually working on another project this week--painting the dining room & trying to make a runner for the dining room table if I can find the right fabric.  So stay tuned!

DIY'd out for the weekend,

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  1. I have a paint project that you can do with future diffusers! Don't worry, its really quick and easy! (I taught it to my Girl Scouts back in the day!)
    Also, did you wash out the diffusers, or leave them be for leftover scents?


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