Monday, May 10, 2010

Dining Room Do-Over: Part I

Our latest project has been in the dining room.  We started by purchasing a new table, Suki, her picture will be revealed in part II (if you watch Gilmore Girls you'll know where the name comes from!!).  After saying goodbye to my law school dining table, we let Suki (she's a black table) inspire the new color or colors that would go on our wall. 

I searched and searched and tried my best to stay away from my favorite color (GREEN!) because it's heavily used in the guest bedroom, the kitchen, and the library (and the living room for now!)... You get the picture.  No green on wall.  Although, I almost broke my rule when I saw this picture!!  Sooo pretty!!

Anyhow, I stumbled upon this dining room and I was INSPIRED by the paint color on the walls!!!

I really like the neutral but non-boring wall color and the light and airy curtains!  And, just my luck, the website told me the exact paint color that was on the wall! 

Here's how the painting project went down...

Day 1:  Paint tape room, spackle few holes, sandpaper walls.

Day 2: Clean Walls (morning); remove pedestal from dining room; put drop cloth on the floor; primer on walls (afternoon) Thanks Sonja!! LOVE YOU TONS!

Day 3: First coat of paint!!

Day 4: Second coat!  Take tape down.

Day 5: Touch-up painting.

Day 6: Clean up!

By the end of the week my painting outfit looked like this-- 

But all of the work, mess, and mishaps that occurred along the way were SO worth it!  I really like the color and the table looks great against it!  This week's project is to find curtains.  I've been on the curtain hunt now for two weeks so the sooner we find them, the sooner Part II will post! Stay tuned for "after" pictures in Part II!.... YAY!


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