Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Plumber & The Crack....

So, this week we've experienced yet another home buyer's first--buying a toilet!  What brought on this experience?  A leak in one of our toilets and the plumber man said that meant time for a new toilet!  So, after scratching our heads and thinking about how does one go about shopping for a toilet, we headed out to Home Depot and Lowes to price toilets!!  And I'm SO grateful to report that they're not as expensive as I was thinking they'd be...

They do, however, all look freakishly similar!  Notice that? LOL!  Anywho, we spent a little time "testing" out the products and made a selection! :-D

One more adventure for the Grant family!  Lord willing, the toilet will be installed on Saturday!

Feeling a little "flushed" (pun intended),


  1. i still suggest something with a little more sparkles...

  2. HAHAHA! Pictures of the final selection, please!

  3. Shunta you are really crazy....that picture is ridiculous!

  4. Love the photos of you guys "testing" the toilet....classic...LOL


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