Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 Years Ago Today...

Troy proposed!  And so I thought I'd share the story for those of you out there that don't know it!...

It was a Wednesday.  Wednesday, August 8, 2007 to be exact.  I was visiting Troy (and friends) in Greenville for the week because I had just finished up my summer clerkship in Atlanta.  Anywho, that Wednesday night Troy and I went to bible study and Troy told me that we were going downtown for ice cream (which I had been asking to do all week long!).  I was excited because we were going to one of my favorite ice cream spots in Greenville--Spill the Beans! I was also excited because going for ice cream and walking downtown was one of my favorite things for us to do when we were in college and we hadn't done it in a long time.  

So, we get to Spill the Beans (which is only like 2 minutes from church, since our church is downtown) and I already knew what I wanted of course--vanilla ice cream mixed with almonds, cookie dough, and oreo!  I ordered and ran to the restroom to wash my hands!  When I came back my ice cream was ready, Troy had his ice cream and out we went to walk downtown across the super cool bridge!  We walked, we talked, we ate, etc... It was very low key and very much so romantic to me.  I was in heels so I was ready to sit at a bench at the end of the bridge to finish my ice cream.  So we sat and about fifteen seconds after sitting down I bit down on something.  And NO I was NOT happy!  I thought the girl who made my ice cream dropped something in my delicious treat!  I looked at Troy and said something along the lines of "Oh no! Yuck!" I pulled this object out of my mouth to find that it was a ring.  Was I happy? NO!! I thought this girl had dropped her ring in my ice cream and I was so disgusted that it had been in my mouth! 

Troy took the ring out of my hand and licked the ice cream off.  Did I get the hint yet? NO! But then, the light bulb came on when he got down on one knee!! I got over my disgust thinking that I had some random girl's ring in my mouth, and then I got excited that the ring in the ice cream was for me!  Troy said some sweet things and then attempted to sing a few bars of a song (quite funny!) and asked if I would marry him!  I said "YES!" and he sat on the bench with me and we hugged!  We then called my parents and then his family.  We hung out for a little while longer then he dropped me off to Regina's apartment where I was staying that weekend.  And of course Regina and I sat up for a little bit acting like little girls--giggling and talking.  

And that's the story.  Pretty simple! I love how the place he proposed is here where our relationship developed and where we've made our home.  Every time we go downtown for ice cream and walk across the bridge I am reminded of where this phase of our lives started.

Well, that's the story!  If you ever you find yourself in Greenville, SC, stop by Spill the Beans and walk across the bridge.  When you get to the end there's a bench on the left.  That's where Troy proposed!  One day I hope to take our children there and show them!...(and no, I'm NOT pregnant!)

Back down memory lane,

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  1. I still remember the smile on your face when you came home (well, your second home) that night! And yes, you were mad about the thought of someone else's ring in your ice cream, but you got over it!


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