Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wanna Know How To Paint Curtains?

Well you've come to the right place!  Recall, that I planned to paint curtains using a stencil from Cutting Edge stencil.  My right hand is sore and my legs are too, but the curtains are done and I'm excited to show you how it all went down!

2 packs of IKEA Vivian Curtains [each pack has 2 panels]
Cutting Edge Stencil [Missing Link Allover Stencil]
Acrylic Paint [I chose silver]
Fabric Medium [to keep paint from being all crackly when it dries]
Paint Roller
Drop cloth for floor
Painters Tape [to hold everything down]

The pictures will speak for themselves from here on out...

Each panel looked better than the one before since I learned a few tricks with each panel. My first panel took me 2 hours to paint but the fourth panel took me only 50 minutes.  I let them dry about 2 hours each and then hung them.  Tada!!
I was trying to be fancy with the camera by tilting it when taking the picture.
 Day Time View.
 Night Time View of Other Window.
I like how the squares on the curtains play off the squares on the duvet.

And the color of the curtains ties in with the ottoman at the foot of the bed!
And really, these pictures (and my not high quality digital camera) really do not do the curtains justice!! They look so nice in the room and bring us one step closer to slowly bringing this room together. Next up, I need to get some things up on the walls! 

Off to ask Troy for a hand massage,


  1. Those curtains look fantastic! TRULY, TRULY fantastic! Time to take some orders!

    The rooms has come together beautifully! I cant wait to see the actual room. (Time to plan a visit to G-ville)

  2. Silver! They look so great. Would you use this method again? You need to post about the 'tricks' you learned so the rest of us can benefit from your experience!

  3. I definitely would use cutting edge and the stencil process again (although not until my hand heals!). And I actually think if you use a NON allover stencil it would be super quick and easy! I may play around with a non allover stencil (they're also much cheaper) sometime! And I'll post tricks I learned as an update to this post!

  4. These came out amazing! How does the fabric medium work?

  5. Wo-ow. Love those curtains. (Just came here from YHL.)

  6. (Also here from YHL) - these are amazing! Great job - I would never guess from the pictures that you stenciled them yourself.

  7. Thanks so much for the comments!! I'm going to do an updated post with more details after some emails asking for more info! Thanks again for all of the comments!! They make me SMILE!! :-D


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