Friday, August 5, 2011

While I'm Waiting...

While waiting for the arrival of our new furniture (August 17th is delivery date!!), I've been hit by the DIY (aka "do it yourself") bug!!  Thanks to my newest addiction known as Pinterest, I've been motivated to DIY our curtains for our room.  But, I want to wait until the furniture is in the room and the new duvet is on the bed before I make any other big decor steps.  So, in the meantime, I can share with you what I'd like to do and my inspiration.  

You see, I realized that I didn't want just plain white curtains in our room since the bedding is solid white.  So, I decided on white curtains with touches of blue. Not too little. But not too much.  Thus, I turned to Target, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Ikea, World Market, Overstock, etc... and NOTHING!! Not one thing that I liked and there were very slim pickings in the category that I was looking for.  That's when I turned to my trusty friend Pinterest and typed in "painted curtains" and look at these two in particular that turned up in my search:

You can't even tell they're painted right?!! So yeah I'm inspired and I think I'm going to take white curtains and paint them with stencil in this pattern.  I'm pretty excited about it!! Here's the stencil on a wall for visual effect.
Welp, that's the plan! Stay tuned to see how it unfolds.  But, the DIY bug doesn't stop at the curtains.  This week I did a small little project that I'm pretty pleased with.  More about that later!

Excited about my curtains,

p.s. the two painted curtains are from here and here.

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