Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am officially addicted to yoga.  I've been going for about four months now and I literally do NOT like missing my weekly yoga classes.  It has become a high priority and my body actually misses it when I miss my regular classes.  I love yoga so much that I've been thinking of ways to incorporate it into my work routine and guess what, there are ways to enjoy yoga at work! So passing on some of the things I've found!

There are so many cool ways you can incorporate yoga at work as seen above here.  These websites here and here also give some examples.  Whose with me?! Who will add at least one stretch or posture at their desk with me?  (although, you may want to close your door before trying some of these!) 

Speaking of postures.  I am dreaming of the day when I have enough yoga strength to master these babies!

how cool do these look?!! my upper body strength is getting better and better with each passing week.  So, in about, hmmmm...5 years I should be able to do this!

In the meantime, let's keep it simple with some yoga at the desk!!

whose with me?,

Three images above can be found here.

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  1. I'm so happy you're loving yoga!! This is one more reason we need to meet - I can totally teach you how to do these arm balances! It's all in the core - well, some in the mind too. But you can totally do it! :-)


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