Monday, November 30, 2009

December's Poll/Question of the Month!

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December's question comes from another blog.  When I read the question, I actually had to pause for a minute to think this one through.  I'm quite interested to hear your thoughts.  Here goes the question:

Would you rather be in the best fiscal or best physical shape 
(health included) of your life right now and why? 

Looking forward to hearing your answers!


  1. This is a really hard question. I think, if pressed, I'd go with best fiscal shape. From where I'm sitting, it is going to take me a lot longer to get in the fiscal shape I want than the physical shape I want. I'd like to skip all the hard part. :)

  2. Since I'm in law school, I don't think it would be particularly beneficial to be in the best fiscal shape of my life right now. But....should I pursue acting I'll need to be in the best physical shape to gain the best fiscal shape.... So I'll go with physical :-)

  3. After some thought, I think my answer is I'd rather be in my best fiscal shape. That way I can keep it up from here on out. I'm totally healthy & based on genetics I know I won't be gaining much weight until I hit the big 4-0! So, let's go on and be in great fiscal shape since (as Brittany/decklededges suggested) I think that one is actually tougher than physical shape at this stage in life. Both require great dedication though...whew!

  4. I prefer the best fiscal shape right now. If I'm able to pay my bills, afford 'small' luxuries (like eating out or a movie outing every so often) while putting a little in my savings, that is IDEAL for me. I feel that if I'm in a greater fiscal shape, that would mitigate stress, which would greatly assist my physical being.

  5. I want to be in the best fiscal shape because if I'm in the best fiscal shape, that time and energy that was being put towards the fiscal shape could be put towards the physical shape.

  6. I think I am going to have to go with fiscal shape. Being someone who is still recovering from being in pretty bad fiscal shape a few years back.... it sucks and I am ready for it to be over. I am actually not in bad physical shape so that would be less effort.


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