Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Poll

November's poll is a little different from the past two month's polls.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen you will see the question:

If you were given $5,000 cash and told
(1) you MUST spend it on yourself
(2) you CANNOT pay any bills with this and
(3) you CANNOT save it,
what would you do with the $5,000?

For this poll you will not click on an answer, rather you simply LEAVE A COMMENT to this post with your answer!! Simply click on the comments button below, scroll down past comments & leave your comment in the COMMENT box!  Looking forward to hearing your answers!! :-) 

Excited to read your answers,


  1. Ok...let me see:

    With 5,000 dollars I would purchase...

    1. A weekend at a nice spa resort (full package)

    2. A new laptop with ALOT more RAM then I have now.

    3. at least 5 new pairs of shoes & 5 new outfits to match those shoes (AT LEAST)

    4. a Wii with several games

    5. a pair of watches (one silver and the other leather with gold frame)

    6. Full cookware set (I mean...the ones you see on TV and wonder "DANG, thats really nice")

    7. a sterling silver necklace with a pearl pendant (I've always wanted one!)

    8. and the rest of the money, if i have any left, I would just blow on random stuff!

  2. 9. Mediterranean cruise and a trip to Rome.

  3. What I really would like to do (and I am not sure if this will count) would go out to dinner with a whole bunch of friends and family to a nice restaurant (but not too nice that they give you a scoop of couscous and a barley sprig and call that a meal and you still hongry) and pick up the tab. I think this should count and if it doesn't I will say it can be my birthday dinner so then there is no doubt that it is for myself. I WILL have some money left...and with that, YOU KNOW IT... I'm going shoppin' SO HARD. Shoppin' includes clothes, shoes, etc. and various and assorted electronic gadgets.

  4. This is pretty hard, because my immediate instinct is to either save it or pay down some student loans with it. But if you insist on spending... I think I'd probably go on a fun vacation (maybe a trip to Napa?) and then I'd replace our living room couches, which I hate. Any left overs would be for clothes and shoe shopping!

  5. Two words, with no regrets: shopping spree. Well, three words: Clothes shopping spree. Thank you.

  6. $5000 that I couldn't spend on bills or save. I would have to do a "What Not to Wear Shopping" Spree. That would consist of throwing away everything in my closet and buying all new stuff! Goodbye old clothes, shoes, and purses. Hello new clothes, shoes, and purses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I would have Shunta and Allison come along and critique every outfit.

  7. This is really tough! I think I'm torn between these two options:

    1. customized professional closets done for (1) clothes and (2) one for shoes, purses, hats, & belts. With remaining $ spent on home furniture or stainless steel appliances.


    2. A week-long trip to NYC! I've never been and really have been wanting to go for a quite a while! I want to see EVERYTHING!! (is $5,000 enough for a week in New York? Can we take another couple with us? If so, that'd be a possibility! Trip with couple married friends!)

    I may cheat and post again if other things come to mind! But so far those are my top two picks!! :-)


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