Wednesday, October 13, 2010

140 and counting...

Giving the Duggars a run for their money!!! JUST KIDDING!! I'm not talking about babies.  I'm talking about SHOES!!!  With the weather getting cooler I have began switching out our clothes and shoes and today I worked on shoes!  After making 2 huge piles of shoes and boots to give away, I was left with 140 pairs of shoes!  (shhh....let this be our secret!) 

So, the trick is, how do I store my spring and summer shoes while pulling the fall/winter shoes and boots to the forefront.  Well, today I tackled everything but the boots and here is a sneak peek of what went down...

Step One: Under bed bins.  First, we have six of these little fellas hiding under our bed which holds a ton of my out of season shoes. Rubbermaid storage bins from Target.

the six categories labeled and stored under the bed are: (1) tennis shoes (2) formal dressy shoes (3) spring/summer heels (4) spring/summer flats (5) least worn heels and (6) year round flats.  Any remaining spring/summer heels are in individual shoe bins (picture later in post) and stored in our 3rd bedroom closet.  Here are a few pics...

After prepping each bin, I slid them under the bed.  Now you see them...

 Now you don't!...

So that's step 1 of bedroom shoe storage.  Step Two:  Side Storage. I keep a small storage thingamajig to the side of my night stand with my most popular fall flats.

Step Three: Individual Bins.  All other shoes are kept in these shoe bins from Bed Bath & Beyond.

when shoes come in, I take them from their original box and put them in the plastic bins.  Then the shoes are placed into the shoe closet in our room.  Step Four: Hanging Shoes.   My most worn black and brown heels make their way to the door because they get worn the most often (sometimes!)

Last, but not least.  Step Five:  Front Door Shoes!  We keep a cute basket at the front door to hold our guests' shoes and I keep a pair of flats there for running to the car or mailbox.  Another way to store shoes!

(I have a folded mat in the basket to keep the basket from getting yucky from shoe bottoms)

So, there ya have it.  That's how I manage most of my shoes!! All 140 pairs and counting!!  I must say, of all items of clothing, I am a sucker for shoes!!  

Storing boots is a bit trickier, so that's on my to-do list for tomorrow!... Stay tuned and I'll share some of my favorite fall shoes with you!!  In the meantime, what are your shoe storage secrets? Do tell!

Ready for fall (so I can wear tights & cute shoes),


  1. Two things:
    1) Why do I have at least two of the pairs of the shoes in your pics. The green Nine West heels (that we bought together) and the brown flats in the front door bin from Tar-Get! Some things never change!
    2) Girl, you do not have TENNIS shoes! At best they are probably super-casual flats!
    That is all.

  2. Ok, I thought I had a problem when it came to buying shoes! Glad to see someone else shares my same level of crazy. LOL! I guess it runs in the family. Miles came into my bedroom the other day and said "Mommy I counted all of the shoes in my closet and I have 42". Imagine the look on my face..can't recall buying him that many. Anywho... I love the idea of the under bed storage thing. Really cute! ;-)

  3. Regina--I guess I can call them "hard core casual" shoes as opposed to tennis shoes! lol

    Jameela--WOW!!! Okay, so that's a lot of shoes for a little boy! lol how many pairs of shoes do YOU have?


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