Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, only ONE day after I share my semi-obsession with shoes, I get this in my email from DSW:

And not only are they giving you $15 off a $49 purchase today, guess what else....

FREE SHIPPING!!!  AGH!!!  So, I said to myself, if I find a pair for $49.95 I will get them.  But guess what?! I fell in shoe-love with three pairs of shoes which don't fit the $49.95 criteria!

This super cute black and white shoe was too low to get the $15 off!

This shoe is my favorite!!  But it's $20 more than I wanted to spend!

This oxford bootie was also too much! 

So, I'm convinced it wasn't meant to be.  Although, that Jones New York Oxford Pump will probably haunt me in my dreams for at least a week! I really want it!!!

I hope someone finds an excellent DSW deal today!  Maybe I'll go back and look some more!  I just did a quick 5 minute search and found those.

temptation 0; Shunta 1,


  1. Hooray for Shunta!!!!! Show temptation what you're made of girl!

  2. Whoa. Mark this date on the calendar - the day that Shunta went shopping and DIDN'T buy something!


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