Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Will Drool For Shoes!...

So, I admitted my slight liking of shoes a few weeks ago.  Well, last week I saw this picture which made me drool--look at that lovely shoe storage/display!

(wipes drool off keyboard AGAIN!)  Anywho, as promised, here are some of my favorite fall shoes from my closet.  Starting with Round Toes!  There's something about fall that makes me want to wear round toes way more often than any other season of the year.  Here are my current favorite round toes!

 Macy's Find!
Absolutely Enjoy these!! Wear them with black tights!

 Classic Black Round Toe a la Jessica Simpson!
Yet Another Macy's Find

 Rampage Shoe That is SOOOO Fall!
You Guessed It...From Macys! 

Next up, my "witch shoes" as Troy calls them.  He thinks they look like shoes witches wear! LOL! But I think they are fabulous!! Especially the black shoes!! I can wear them with like 55% or more of my fall skirts! 

Ann Marino oxford pumps! 
LOVE wearing these with black tights, pattern pencil skirt, & black turtleneck!
TJ Maxx find (I am such a maxinista)
And guess what...
Paid LESS for the same shoe in gray at DSW!
These are suede, the black shoes are not.

Anywho, these are some of my most worn fall shoes!! Share some of your favorite fall shoes!!!

Yay for shoes,

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