Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aaaaaaaat Laaaaaaassssst...

My room is coming along!!! (if you don't get the song reference click here).  Remember how long ago it was when I mentioned that I wanted to totally redo our bedroom--new paint & new furniture?  Yeah, that entry is dated March 2010.  Well, FINALLY we are making major steps toward getting it done! 

What's that? Sample paint colors? Yes mam!  We've narrowed it down to two wall colors and tonight we put the colors on the wall to test them out.  They're up now and drying as we speak.  Stay tuned... painting takes place next Thursday and Friday so this is going to be a quick turn around.  And there's more exciting developments along the way!

For you are miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, at last!!!,
(again listen to the song if you don't get the references)

p.s. the two colors we're choosing between--Valspar's Pitch Cobalt & Night View.  And we'll do the trim in Valspar's Ultra White.

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