Friday, July 15, 2011

So The Inspiration Has (Slightly) Changed...

Yesterday, I told you that we're finally moving forward in our bedroom re-do!!  Last March I shared two pictures that would serve as inspiration for our bedroom makeover.  Well, things have changed just a bit.  Instead of a light to medium blue paint, we've decided to GO BOLD with a deep blue or bluish gray hue.  So now, meet some of our new inspiration:

So, to review, the master bedroom game plan is as follows:
  • deep blue walls (Night View or Pitch Cobalt both by Valspar)
  • bright white trim
  • dark wood furniture (more on that later)
  • light crisp bedding 
  • white curtains (with some type of pattern)
  • silver accents (lamps, knobs on media chest)
Stay tuned,

p.s. all pictures and sources can be found on my Pinterest page here!

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  1. Saw the paint so far and it's looking VERY bold and very blue!! Just like the inspiration!! I'm pretty excited I must say!


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