Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miyah Comes to Visit

Now it's time for me to play catch up and dish about some of the funnings that have been going on.  The first weekend in February Troy and I kept our then- 5 month old niece.  This was our first time ever having an infant in our home overnight!  So here's a summary of what went down...

The Good
Miyah is just lovely! I love being an auntie so much and being able to be a part of her life since day 1!  She only cries when she's hungry or you try to get in her nose and de-clog it.  

My BFFs are the BEST! Charity and Regina visited and we took turns on Miyah duty while the other two of us worked on cooking a big family dinner!  Troy also pitched in too! It really was one of the best weekends of my entire life! Family, friends AND food. Doesn't get much better than that.

The Bad
Having to wake up at 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.  But seeing Miyah made it all worth it!  She is just so precious!! Have I mentioned how much I love being an auntie? So really, no "bad"....but there was some ugly! More on that below!!!

 3 a.m. doing happy baby pose! Literally. It's my least favorite yoga pose.

7a.m. wide awake

The Ugly
The poop!! And LOTS of it.  Miyah is teething and I am told that means runnier and yuckier poo.  Well, there were many encounters with yellow poo and that was NOT my cup of tea.  I changed a lot of diapers!  

And here is a picture of Charity cleaning poop off of her skirt because the poop sometimes escaped the diaper!

You see this picture below?  It was taken on Sunday morning just before leaving the house to head to Sunday School.  Well, literally 3 minutes later in the car, those nice white tights were filled with yellow poop.  And I had to change her as soon as we arrived to church.

But who wouldn't love this face?  Even with all the poop!

So grateful to be an auntie,

p.s. speaking of being a proud auntie, I must brag some more on my niece Mekala (remember her from this post and this one) she's been chosen as her high school's representative in a Medical Conference to be held in Atlanta this spring and I am just so proud of her!!  Have I mentioned how much I love being an auntie? Just making sure we're clear on that...

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    She is just the cutest little thing!


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