Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friends & Family--I Love It!

I've spent most of my May, June and July surrounded by friends and family! On May 15th, Whitney graduated from UGA Law!!; the next weekend Troy's cousin, Andrew, graduated from High School in St.Mary's, Georgia; weekend after that was our wedding anniversary trip to Hilton Head.  The first weekend in June, my parents visited us in our new home for the first time, the following weekend I visited Regina in Charlotte, weekend after that Jenn visited me in Greenville to do some final shower prep and then Troy and I headed to Charleston for Father's Day.  Weekend after that, Allison's bridal shower!  First weekend in July, we had friends over for food, fun & fellowship! Weekend after that (which was last weekend), my sister-in-law, niece, and nephews visited Troy & I all the way from Miami!  I hadn't seen them since May 24, 2008--yup, our wedding day!! So, yeah, that's every single weekend since May 15th folks!

As ABSOLUTELY TIRED as I am, I am so grateful to have been surrounded by friends and/or family every single weekend since mid-May!  Here are a few pics from the last two weekends...


Regina "cooking" (putting dip into the bowl)

Morgan testing the cheese dip

some of the snacks!

Playing Apples to Apples

My Niece & Nephews!
Miles is driving all by himself! So proud, he's only 5!
Mekhi is behind him "one hand" driving! 

challenging Mekala to a dance off!

Speaking of dancing... Johnny Rockets was SO much fun.  The staff just broke out into dance twice!!... Guess who joined them the second time around? yup, I memorized the choreography!

that's Jameela, my sister-in-law!


Fun times had by all,

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  1. Thanks for coming to visit my blog!

    I had to laugh when I saw the picture of y'all playing Apples to Apples - we played that when we were in Charlotte and I totally blew everyone out of the water! Such a fun game!


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