Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Interrupt this Program for FFFF....

Okay okay, I have been a very bad blogger the past few weeks!! Work is still great but it's busy and my weekends have been filled with FFFF (I'll get to what FFFF is in a sec!).  So, while I haven't blogged in a few weeks I have tons to share and lots of pictures/stories, etc.... That being said, I'm going to use this post to to catch you up and then we'll be back to the posts about our house and the status of each room!! (there have been some updates in the living room already and in the office, which is the next room that I will post about this week!!...)

So, what is FFFF?  It's one of my priorities for 2011: Family, Friends, Free Time, and Frequent Vacations!  And that's definitely what I've been up to the past few weekends--enjoying time with family and friends in various locations, taking advantage of the spontaneity one has without children and the ability to go places one has when employed! :-D  No, in all seriousness, I really want to enjoy this time in life with the people who mean so much to me before the day I become a mommy and the F stands for Frequent diaper changes!

So, three weekends ago I decided to visit my niece and nephews on their spring break in Orlando.  You remember this cute crew from when they visited last summer, right?  Well, it was double plus good to catch up with them and as a cherry on top, I also got to see Mekala compete in a cheerleading competition!  Unlike the first time I saw her cheer, this time I watched without tears forming!  They grow up so fast!

I love these youngun's so much! Since they live in Florida, I only get to see them about once a year which just isn't enough!  Shooting for at least twice this year!  Anywho, as you can tell from that dashing medal around Mekala's neck, her team WON!! Not only did they come in 1st in their division, they won the award for Sportsmanship and BEST TEAM ALL AROUND!!  Love it!! Here's my champ sporting the team winning banner

And while Mekala cheered, the boys got restless and made their own routine

Here's me and Miles.  I must say I am so grateful that he is such a sweet little boy.  He was born right as I was about to leave for law school and then they moved back to Florida shortly after that.  I was so concerned that he wouldn't remember me, but he's just such a sweet and loving boy and I just can't get enough of him!

and let's not forget my sister in law Jameela!  The proud mom of these three kiddos!

and my road trip/shopping partner for the weekend Catrese!

So that was three weekends ago.

The next weekend (two weekends ago) Morgan and I headed to Cary, NC where we stayed at the boug boug and super nice Umstead Hotel.  A must visit hotel!! LOVED IT! Even fancier than the Four Seasons, for sure! (my hotel room had a door bell, phone in toilet, private room for toilet, it was just too much!)  You see I had to be in Cary for work on Friday and the firm put me up in the fancy digs so of course I invited Morgan along to share in the fun!!  I didn't get many pictures but here's me playing in this nice and fancy tub and bathroom with phone! (iPhone pictures...I left my camera!)

(not really using the facilities FYI)

And now for last weekend.  Last weekend was double the fun.  First, Friday night Troy and I along with Allison and Cody went to (drum roll) the CELTICS game in Atlanta!!!  I came prepared too: Wearing my Rondo jersey shirt (thanks Charity for the EXCELLENT birthday gift!!), a Sign, AND a flag (which Cody brought me from BOSTON on a recent work trip!!!)

 And guess who I saw!! Standing in line waiting to order nachos I look over to the right and I saw Ray Allen's MOM!!! Well, the back of her! LOL!! It was too cool.

Speaking of mom's, the final stop while in Georgia was to visit my mom to celebrate her birthday!  I took her to a spa for her very first massage. She LOVED it!! I mean, who doesn't love a good massage?!  Here's mom after a relaxing massage.

So, that's what's been going on over this way, at least in part.  Stay tuned for more FFFF updates throughout the year.  But, before that, be on the lookout for a blog entry on our office and how that room is coming along!

Super happy,

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