Wednesday, December 8, 2010

28...for the next 5 years!

Whose the happiest birthday girl who just turned 28?

ME!!  Last Saturday I celebrated one of Jesus' greatest gifts--LIFE!!  I saw yet another birthday!!  And all I wanted to do was spend time with some of the people who mean the most to me--my friends!!!  I must say it was pretty much exactly what I needed!!  Some of my closest friends took the time to let me know just how much I mean to them and I am more grateful than I could ever express!!! 

FRIDAY. MORGAN!! Morgan took off of work (that's right, she gave up a precious vacation day for me!!) on Friday and came up the day before my birthday!! We went out to lunch, went shopping, poked around in some stores, and then Friday night we vegged out HARD CORE and watched movies! 

 all the essential food groups--pizza, chips (pepperoni, chicken, pineapple), cookies, chocolate.  And in the fridge/freezer--Ben & Jerrys & cupcakes!

We visited a new store here in Greenville--Buy Buy Baby.  And here's what we saw... some new gadget called a Mama Roo!
 Morgan wondering what the mess?  This is called a Mama Roo and it rotates a baby in a circular motion to allow the child to be "bounced just like mom does."  Really?  Too much!!

We were just so confused about this Mama Roo. What happened to being rocked in a loved ones' arms?

SATURDAY! Saturday, I was surrounded with more love!  Friends came over to the house to hang out before dinner!

DINNER.  Then we headed to Myabi for dinner where Sonja jumped in the mix!!
Myabi was yummy as always!
And the fellowship--SUPERB!
Charity & Troy are like brother & sister!

Charity, Morgan, & Lauren

 Eric & Sonja

 Mike & Shemeka

Me & Troy!

I got to open some gifts at Myabi also and guess what Charity gave me GUYS?!!!  Just thinking about it makes me excited.  Not only did I get Volume 4 of Glee to round out my collection, but I also received...
RONDO JERSEY SHIRT!!! I am a HUGE Rajon Rondo fan!  And plan to wear this shirt during every game for the remainder of the season!  Here's a group picture of us leaving Myabi before heading to Bowling!

BOWLING.  Imagine my excitement when my bowling shoes matched my birthday shirt AND Rondo jersey!

And, while I wasn't the best bowler, I have my secret techniques!...
 roll the ball real slow!
 then spread your wings to show it which way to go!
works every time (except for when it doesn't!)...

Sonja sports her fun bowling socks!

And I even got to spin a wheel for a prize...
 I won two free games!!  Whose coming with me?! (although next time we're coming on NON-SMOKING night!! sheesh. My entire outfit has to go to the cleaners!)

LOVE.  Here's a pic of all of my beautiful and heartfelt cards!! It really was a birthday filled with well-wishes, cupcakes (Allison's husband made me cupcakes!! And she decorated them! so super sweet!), cards, gift cards, and so much more.  I am so grateful.  All I wanted was simply to spend time with positive people who love me for me.  That was enough.  I'm a happy lady I must say!! 
Oh, and I've decided that 28 was such a fun birthday that I'm going to remain 28 for the next 5 years.  Please note this.  Thank you!!

Grateful for the gift of friendship from a group of positive people!!,

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  1. I hate that I'm late but Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great time!

    And I'm against the MamaRoo as well. It makes no sense to me, and it's ugly. Of course, because it looks all space age and modern, Drew wants one along with this horrible high chair. I'm fighting against both of those as hard as I can! :-)


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