Monday, March 7, 2011

Come on In...

When you walk into our front door you walk into our living room.

Here's what the room looked like when we visited the house only a few days after it was put on the market--
I was pretty much sold when we first visited.  Which is why we made an offer that very day! Fast forward to move in day, the living room looked like this--

It's so crazy looking at the move in pictures as I'm actually sitting in the room now.  Here's how the room looked once we moved our furniture in...

  Remember the pillows I made?...
yeah, I'm pretty much over them now.
these pictures were taken last summer right before a game night so that's why there are games sitting in front of the fireplace!

So, that's what the living room has looked like the past year.  We've made a few additions and they've made a pretty significant difference and have motivated me to keep going in this room.
  • 1st. We added some of our engagement pictures next to the front door.
  • 2nd. Troy and I trailed out to Pottery Barn Outlet and added a (MUCH NEEDED) rug.  
  • 3rd.  We took out that HUGE side table that sat to the right of the door and replaced it with a smaller table (that matches the table on the right of the sofa). 
  • 4th.  We added floor lamps. One on each side of the sofa.
The living room has gone from this--

    to this...

    There is still SO much more that I want to do.  The most important things being:  
    • Bamboo blinds. Remove the white blinds and add bamboo blinds.  Like these-
      • Find curtains.  I've already tried these and they didn't work.  It's actually quite hard finding curtains that go with the green sofas and any new sofa we order.
      • Get a new coffee table.  I have my eye on this lovely table from Pottery Barn. 
      • Purchase new sofas!  SO, over the green sofas!! These are the sofas we're heavily considering in the tan color.
      • Fireplace. Add some wood in the fireplace to give it more of a "Hi, I'm a fireplace" feel.
      • Mantle. Decorate the mantle a little more.  It needs something. Vases, something? still thinking.  I'm not 100% sold on the topiaries which is why the tags are still on them.
      • Wall.  That huge empty wall needs something.  I'm considering a collage of various sized pictures/frames.  Here's the wall in the living room--
       I'm thinking of something along these lines--black frames of different sizes spread out moreso than in these pictures--

        • Color. Add some color to this neutral room.  The one thing we do not want to do in here is paint the walls.  Too hard with the TV and this is a nice neutral pallette which will make selling it in the future that much easier.  So, we need to add color in through the curtains, new pillows, accessories, etc...  I shared my color inspiration a while ago in this blog entry.
        Well folks, that's about it for now.  You've seen our living room before and least for now.  What are your thoughts, ideas? Thanks for coming along on the tour! Stay tuned for more...

        Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

        p.s. the pics that are not of our home above are from here, here, and here.

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        1. Just found your blog through another I subscribe to and love the pictures. And the pic I saw of a skillet cookie..? AWESOMENESS. hahah

          Looking forward to reading more. Belated congrats on your new home. Those floors are BEAUTIFUL! :)


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