Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY Pillow . . . Again. But Easier.

Remember when I made pillows last year?  Well, I'm at it again but this time it took me less than 20 minutes and I didn't need a sewing machine!!  AND I didn't even have to go to a fabric store and gauge how much fabric I'd need.  Basically, this was so easy anyone can do it.  So here's what you'll need:

2 20x20 dinner napkins (got mine from World Market)
sewing tape
pillow insert or filler
that's all folks!
And here's all it takes.  Take your two napkins and set one to the side (Napkin 1).  Take the other and cut it in half evenly (Napkin 2). See Napkin 2 cut in half below.
Place the cut portions of Napkin 2 side by side with the design of the fabric facing down (as pictured above).  But, unlike the picture above, place the cut middle of Napkin 2 on the outside, this will allow the non-cut sides to be your flap on the back, nice and even.  (If that doesn't make sense, basically, look at the picture above.  turn each of the two sections so that the white cut edges are on the outside and not on the inside as shown above).  Place Napkin 1, fabric down, over the cut napkin.  It will look like this.
Now all that's left is to seal this sucker with some no-sew tape.  Before you begin no-sew sealing the the pillow, bring one of the halves of Napkin 2 over some of the second half of Napkin 2 so that you will have an overlap on the back of your pillow. Then simply close the outer sides of the napkins with no-sew tape and an iron.
Cut off the  small piece that is left hanging on the side.  And once it's all taped together flip that sucker inside out.  You can then stuff it with a pillow insert, a pillow, or, what I did here, any type of stuffing.  I used the stuffing to give the pillow a "down pillow" look.  And here she is.  Less than 20 minutes. It took me longer to try to find the proper wording to explain what I did than it took for me to actually make the pillow!

And in back I just used some velcro strip from Target that just keeps it sealed all purdy in back.  Here's picture of the back.

isn't she a beaut?! I can't wait to see how she looks on the new bed with new bedding.  All of which should take place on August 17th when the furniture arrives!!  So, there ya have it. Quick and easy way to turn inexpensive napkins into an expensive looking "down" pillow! Quick recap:

The napkins were $3.99 each. So total cost for the pillow was $7.98 (I already had all the other items). Can't beat that! 

DIY fun continues,

p.s. all pictures taken with my iPhone because my camera and computer are having a love/hate relationship right now. minus the love.

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