Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Many Posts Can I Make About Our Bedroom Makeover without Actually Showing the Bedroom?

No more. "After" pictures are finally here!  But first, an explanation on what has taken me so long and why I gave up and decided to go on and post now!  I wanted to do a proper before/after entry last week but I've been waiting to upload old pictures of our bedroom.  However, due to some technical difficulties (my computer is keeping me from accessing my external hard drive which has all old picures--appointment at Apple Store on Saturday) I'm having to resort to two pictures that I happened to have saved to shutterfly in order to give you a look at the "before" of our bedroom and a peek at a few "after" pictures.  Once I get some better "before" pictures I'll update this post.

Okay, now! Where'd we leave off? Oh yes, we painted our room, got rid of every single piece of furniture and the mattress (and the TV) and basically started over from scratch.  The only thing that stayed was the carpet (which is in our room because the master bedroom is not original to the house, so no pretty hardwood floors). 

Here's what the room looked like when we viewed it in January 2010, days after being on the market.  Gotta love staging:

Pretend that there are pictures here of the room right before we painted.   

And here are a few "after" pictures thus far...  

Isn't the paint color close to some of the inspiration pics?!  I'll be back with more details on some of the plans for the immediate future, like my stencil curtain project which I hope to work on while on vacation in September!!! But, for now, we're loving the new room! And, yes, the plastic is still on the TV per Troy's request.  The man is odd!  But, I love him!! 

Hope you enjoy the before/after.  There's still so much more I want to do in here but the biggest parts have been done!! Whaddaya think?!

Finally some "after" pictures, 

p.s. please hope that I can get access to my external hard drive.  Otherwise, I will be sad for about 3 minutes.  And then I will move on.  :-)

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  1. I love that wall color so so much! It's so moody and sexy and perfect for a bedroom! Plus, it looks really good against your white trim!

    Can't wait to see how the stencil turns out... :-)


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