Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Curtain Challenge

So you've seen the dining room after pictures, now let me tell you about my minor challenge with the curtains for the big window.  If you recall, there are 2 big windows in the dining room that sit side by side.  My goal with the curtains were to make those 2 windows appear as 1 big window.  BUT, the curtain rod holder prevented me from placing a curtain panel in the middle.

See the little black rod in the middle over the wood panel?  Well it prevented me from hanging a curtain panel right down the middle to cover the wood that divides the windows.  So, here's what my dilemma looked like:

My Goal
make the 2 windows appear as on large window. 
My Plan:
3 panels, one to left, one to right, and one in the middle to
hide the wood plank. 
the middle rod holder prevents me from hanging a panel directly in the middle.
My Solution!:
cut the panel down the middle and put half on each side of the rod
to make it appear as one.

So, on Monday I took one curtain panel to Hancock Fabric and the kind people there let me use their back cutting station to cut my panel in half!! 

(if you're wondering, yes, I was mistaken for an employee while at the store!)

After cutting the fabric I placed one half of the panel to the left of the middle rod holder and the other half to the right of the rod holder.  I then brought the two together to appear as though it was one panel hanging in the middle.  I bet you couldn't even tell! 
But see the difference between 2 panels vs. 3 panels?

I like the illusion of one large window. So there ya have it.  An inside view at a small challenge and how I overcame it by posing as an employee of Hancock Fabrics!  LOL!!

3 is better than 2,


  1. Hmmm... Great idea! I really like the illusion of one large window. You are sooo talented. LOL.

  2. I do see the difference. Very nice. You have an eye for that kinda stuff, kid :) Keep up the good work!


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