Monday, June 21, 2010

My Favorite Things: Lid Rack

So, I want to start sharing with everyone some of my favorite things around the house that, in some form or fashion, put a smile on my face!!  My first item is simple, cheap, and it falls under the kitchen organization category--the lid rack! I first spotted this lid rack in a post on my FAVORITE blog, Young House Love!

Here's one of our kitchen cabinets that house our lids BEFORE the lid rack:

we were secretly hiding Troy's bulk Pringles snacks under there too.  so the lid rack forced me to put it in a better place so that the cabinet looked it's absolute best.

The lids looked so sloppy just sitting there!  

So, here's the much better AFTER:

It's like 1000 times better!! And really, now that I look at this picture I can also put the plastic lids to the mixing bowls in the lid rack too!! And the lid rack has made room for more Pyrex dishes for me to add later!

So there ya have it.  One of my favorite things---our new lid rack which cost less than $10 before tax! Can't beat that with a stick!! What are some of your favorite organization tricks?  Stay tuned, I have one more to share with you this week!

Hats off to the lid rack,


I've added more to the space! yay!!

another mixing bowl, 2 more pyrex dishes, our collapsible colander, and my favorite OXO mixing bowls!

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