Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Can't Beat That With A Stick" Part II

So, I went to ATL and after approximately sixty minutes of walking around and various trips to the dressing room (I was not as efficient as I should have been!), I am now the proud owner of three of the ruffle shirts and two "cowl neck sweaters".

As suspected, the ruffle shirts were pretty much out in my size, but they happened to have some in back!  I asked the lady at checkout if they had the two colors I wanted in back and she went to check but then I realized--"Oh no! I didn't ask about the turquoise color!" I felt too bad to ask her to go back again so my plan is to either (1) forget about that color or (2) go back tomorrow! (for those of you sitting in suspense, #2 is the most likely option--we're talking 99.9% chance). 


If you can't tell, I've really been into ruffles & belts lately, so pardon the uniformity of the pictures! I like to test just about everything with a belt these days!

Enjoying the fruit of my labor,


  1. Wow, you did great! These are all so cute!

  2. So today at lunch I saw THREE people with the ruffle shirt on (if you count me, that makes four!) I guess everyone is catching wind to the good sale!! And the fabulous thing is, we all were doing something different with the shirt (i.e. one lady had hers on w/ a sleeveless long cotton vest and belt--it was SO cute!; another lady had a long sleeve shirt under hers).

  3. Oh the ruffle shirt is totally catching on! I already bought mine! ;) I like the idea of adding a belt . . . I may try that!


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