Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Do YOU Do It?

This past week I've been asking around trying to figure out how to make veggies "like they do in the restaurants."  You know, crispy but cooked and not oily.  Most people that I asked suggested either sauteing or baking/roasting the veggies so I've decided to try both. 

Today was take #1 (saute) and I plan to try the second recipe tomorrow for dinner.  So here's the who, what, when, & how of it all:

Who: Me. 

Squash, Zucchini, Yellow & Red Peppers 
(fresh from the local farmer's market!)

When: Take #1 Sunday after Church

1. Cut, washed, & seasoned the veggies 

    2. Put a little drop of extra virgin oil in skillet
    3. Added the peppers first (60 seconds)

      4. Added the squash & zucchini

        5. And tossed around for about 5 minutes 

          We were very pleased with the results!! They were not 100% the restaurant quality I wanted as far as non-oily, there was a little evidence that they'd been cooked in oil, BUT the peppers were SO good!!

          So, here's my question to you: how do YOU cook similar veggies?  I'm open and willing to try different things!  


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          1. Mmm, looks good! What did you use for seasoning?

            Here's a thought - how about trying butter instead of evoo for the saute? Butter has a higher smoking point, so you can get things hotter (which can equal a faster cook). Plus, you would definitely avoid the oily feel. Yes, butter isn't quite as 'healthy,' but using it in moderation is fine. If you're really concerned about the health factor, you could try cutting the amount of oil you used in half and replacing it with a small amount of butter (sort of a combo approach). Just a thought! :)


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