Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recipe: Italian Chicken

Time flies, and now we're in the month of October!  That being said, it's time for a new Recipe of the Month, but I plan to archive all old recipes.  Here's the September recipe for your eating pleasure:

Boneless Chicken Breasts (as many as needed)
Seasonings of Your Choice (recommends Accent, pepper, Italian seasoning)
Wish Bone Italian Dressing

Level of Difficulty: 1
(on scale of 1-5; 5 being "set aside an entire day") 

Italian Chicken
1. Clean & wash boneless chicken (I cut my chicken breasts into smaller pieces, usually cut each breast into 2 pieces)

2. Lightly(!!) season chicken (accent, little pepper, Italian seasoning is what I use)

3. Place chicken in casserole dish & SMOTHER in Wish Bone Italian dressing

4. Marinate at least 24 hours (flip chicken after about 12 hours)

5. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

6. Place the same marinating dish in the oven (covered w/ Reynolds aluminum foil) and allow to cook for 1 hour and 10 minutes. [the key is to keep the chicken soaked in the marinating sauce! SO GOOD!]

7. After 1 hour, flip chicken and pour a little more of the Italian dressing over the meat. Re-cover and finish baking remaining 10 minutes.

8. Eat up! The remaining juice is yummy over rice and/or veggies!


Don't forget to try out the October recipe: bean soup!

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  1. Bean soup. You should add that rice is a possibility and put corn as a partial option...because actually it tastes pretty good with the corn. even though you know i don't like corn (except for when its in things)


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