Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese's

Can you keep a secret?  Troy and I really enjoy going to Chuck E. Cheese's every now and then for pizza and games!  In fact, we decided to pay our good friend Chuck E. a visit last night!  Much to our surprise, one of our favorite games was GONE!! The adult air hockey was nowhere to be seen, but did that stop us? Of course not!!  We ordered our pizza and soda and played our other usual game--competition basketball--and then we invaded the children's air hockey!

Now, I must say that I was pretty sad to see our air hockey game go, but I was even more disturbed by a new edition to Chuck E. Cheese's: STREET HOOPS!  What a waste!! We already have basket ball!

But you see, street hoops is not your average basketball game.  Oh no!  When you insert your Chuck E. coin you immediately hear LOUD "street music", the balls are black, street hoops is written in graffiti on the game, and the net is made of chains!  Umm....Chuck E. Cheese, please bring back the adult air hockey and get rid of the superfluous "Street Hoops" that scares the little children with that loud ruckus! (also street hoops stole one of our coins...not sure if that is part of the "streetness" of the game or not!) LOL!!

Another new game was the football throw (which I was NOT good at).  Here's Troy playing.

After winning one and losing two games of basketball, I had to redeem myself on the air hockey game!!  Which I did!! :-)  Go Home team!!

Somewhere in between all the funnings was delicious pizza!! We are big fans of Chuck E. Cheese's pizza! (Although, shout out to Brixx Pizza which is our FAVORITE pizza place in Greenville!) YUM!!

So, never think you're too old for play time!! Although we were the only adults in the place without children (we almost always are!), we sure did have a good time!  And we always give our tickets to a child on our way out! So everyone wins!! ::smile!::

And if anyone knows Mr. Chuck E. Cheese personally, see what you can do about getting that adult air hockey back at the Greenville location! 

Enjoying life like I only have one to live,


  1. This looks like so much fun! (I actually laughed out loud that you had your money stolen by a game called Street Hoops.)

    I bet Troy was the only person in the whole place wearing a collared shirt. :)

  2. personally, i think street hoops is funny...if you were from compton (like some of us) you would have stuck your hand back in there and reclaimed your tokens.

  3. That sounds like lots of fun...and a great way to bond and have fun with your husband!


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